How it all started

— feeling smile

I've learned to read at the age of three. Thanks to my mom who is a bookworm herself and would read to me every free time she gets. I remember her reading me "Where The Wild Things Are", "The Little Prince", "Jack and the Beanstalk"...ah, those were the days. But if there's a book that really started my love for reading, it's "The Hobbit". We were visiting grandpa that day. He's got this really awesome library, and to my six-year old eyes, it was paradise.(We have a library at home, though it consists of two shelves and lots of boxes.) Anyway, as I was exploring the gigantic shelves, a certain book caught my eye. It's a slightly worn paperback entitled "The Hobbit", by someone named J.R.R Tolkien. Not knowing what a hobbit is, I looked it up on the dictionary. Nothing. So I asked grandpa. He said, "Well, if you want to know what a hobbit is, read the book." So read it I did. All by myself and with a lots of help from a dictionary. It sparked something in me...the thrill of reading the first page, the pride after finishing a chapter, the satisfaction of reading the entire book over the course of four months. It was the first book I read myself. I was so proud, and so is mom. And grandpa too, who turns out to be a hobbit in all but size. On his seventy-ninth birthday, he gave me a brand new copy of the book. 


So that's it. How it all began. Ten years later, I haven't changed much. I'm still the kid who loves books and sees paradise in libraries.